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 Our mission is to provide service excellence to industries of choice through professionalism and integrity and to establish mutually beneficial business relationships with our clients.

Mobitrain Pty Ltd Since 2015

Our purpose is simple, to deliver exceptional service and quality.

In 2015, we began a small recruitment agency that focused on the recruitment and placement of medical staff in private and public healthcare. Today, we still provide medical staff, but we also provide blue and white-collar and cleaning staff, labour staff, executive placements, training and skills development interventions, payroll outsourcing, background screening, competency testing and more. That “more” is providing the best customer service, client experience and staff provision.

We aim to inspire by showing it is possible to simultaneously deliver contentment to clients, staff, public institutions, shareholders and the community in a long-term, sustainable manner.


Lisl Harmse

Lisl Harmse

Managing Director

Over 20 years outsourcing experience

Lisl Harmse founded Mobitrain in July 2015 in response to a growing demand for quality outsourced staffing and training requirements.

Lisl is responsible for the overall day-to-day operations of the company and holds the title of Managing Director.

She has extensive experience in supplying and management of Blue and White-Collar staff for clients, including supervision and management of contract and project staff, as well payroll.

She has Labour Law experience including chairing and initiating disciplinary procedures up too and including Arbitration at the CCMA. She is also a Private Consultant for external clients as the Disciplinary Chairperson.

“We operate primarily on the foundation that the client comes first, and success for the client in turn, results in success for us. Therefore we strive to go above and beyond expectations”.

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We are fully compliant with the best practice and regulations governing all aspects of the Temporary Employment Services (TES) industry and the recruitment industry in general. We subscribe to the Code of Ethics and Codes of Best Practice of the associations and councils that we are members of.

We fully comply with the following acts:

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